㉛㉜㉝ Thoughts for the weeks 31, 32, and 33

I last posted on the 25th July – 22 days ago. Easily my longest stretch of not posting. This is mostly because I took a slightly strange mid-week to mid-week two-week vacation which meant that the usual Friday I would post on got “missed” for 2 weeks. Then last Friday, it was so crazy smokey and hot, my brain was having none of it.

Speaking of the vacation, a group of friends and I went to Weaver Lake which continues our annual tradition for the 5th(?) year now. This year we had the other, newer, group site for the first time. It’s definitely not as good for our group as the other, but we still had fun, despite the fact we had 3 1/2 days of rain in a summer where we have had literally 11 minutes of rain in the last 50 days.

One of the guys summed up the trip thus: “It felt normal”. And that is exactly how it felt. We had no cell reception so couldn’t read any news which meant we were kind of able to “forget” everything. We just had fun. We were all double vaccinated. Hugs were had.

WordPress 5.8 was released and it’s a lovely little improvement in my opinion. The new widgets screen which is now block-editor controlled is a big improvement once people get over the visual changes. I’m glad to see more parts of the dashboard begin using the block editor. Thank you to all the folks who contributed.

5.8 did bring me some headaches, tho. Jeremy had run into this issue (sorta) before. I don’t want to get too in the weeds here as I think I’m going to write up something more technical elsewhere, but let’s just say I earned my beer that week.

One of my good friends visited us a few weeks ago (on the day I started my vacation). She moved from Vancouver to Ottawa to go to law school and is now a bona fide, real, proper legit lawyer. Me and my group of friends miss her, and are super proud of her.

A 7-strong group of us descended on an old haunt from when she used to live here – a small bit of sandy beach in Kitsilano. We drank beer (which is permitted on that beach now!), had a lot of laughs, and then moved to a patio once the sun had set. Darbys was “full” (understaffed is probably a better word), so we walked up the street to Jaggers. Which was also full. Actually full this time. And understaffed. However, they said they’d seat us momentarily (using the North American version of that adverb is still weird to me). It was Wings Wednesday. So, yeah. Wings. And Beers.

It was a genuinely great way to start my vacation.

I don’t have any photos of the two of us, so here’s some snapchat…things which sum up our friendship better than I ever could.

Pipedream seems to be Yahoo Pipes for 2021.

Napkin allows you to write server-based functions and run them in a browser.

A headless Chrome PHP library.

Rich Tabor has a post on how to build Block Patterns in the WordPress block editor.

Jeremy published his first theme.json and wrote the best explainer of all the parts I’ve seen so far.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 83.2% partially vaccinated and 73.6% fully vaccinated. (+1.9% and + 12.2% in 3 weeks)
Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 81.5% partially vaccinated and 70.7% fully vaccinated (+2.2% and + 13.2%) 👩🏼‍⚕️