㉞ Thoughts for the week 34

It was a buddy’s stag do this weekend; my first real “day out” with friends for 18 months. We first went to my favourite local pizza place – AJs – whilst some of us were playing a VR Shootemup thing over the road. It felt a little weird being in there – it was the first time I’ve been inside a restaurant for, again, 18 months.

I was anxious about the VR thing, but it ended up being really well-run and super fun. I guess some old military training kicked in or something and I kinda shredded.

After that a bunch went to play Golf. For the sanity of everyone, I chose not to play. Once the group got back together, we sat on a patio and then moved inside, finishing up after midnight.

It was a lot for one day. A lot of beer, a lot of socializing, a lot of seeing faces. It was fun, but I need a break from that sort of stuff for a while.

BC has re-implemented a mask mandate, province-wide. This should have happened sooner in my opinion. I’m glad it’s happened.

I’ve removed myself from several Slack channels at work. We’re asked to keep things cordial (which I appreciate and concur with) and asked to be respectful of others’ opinions. I respect the right for people to have differing opinions, hell I’ve literally fought for our right to have that premise. I don’t have to respect all opinions, tho. It was therefore in my manager’s best interest for me to duck out.

Authoritarianism almost certainly doesn’t mean what you think it means, if you’re using it in your arguments right now. I promise.

WebCrate is a social bookmarking tool that’s open source and cross platform. I’ll be digging into this over the next little while.

Automating a software company with GitHub Actions by Michael Matloka is a good read.

plugin-groups is a WordPress plugin to help you organize the plugins listings screen.

BC COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 84.2% partially vaccinated and 76.5% fully vaccinated. (+1% and + 2.9%)
Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Count: 82.1% partially vaccinated and 73.0% fully vaccinated (+0.6% and + 2.3%) 👩🏼‍⚕️

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